Hi world this is my very first post *deep breath*, so here goes….

About a week ago while watching some YouTube videos I came across this thing called bible journaling. To start with I have no idea why it is called bible journaling and thus I find the name to be quite misleading. I was however delighted to find that it is a really creative and fun way to get into God’s word. If you don’t know what bible journaling is I would suggest you… well google it 🙂 But basically what you do is find a bible verse and get creative while writing it down. If you look online you will see some people produce these amazing works of art in their bibles (you can get special bibles for this with extra wide margins). I however am not that artistic and nor do I have a special journaling bible. So for my first post I decided that I would share my first attempt that I did in a normal note book with plain average colour pencils.


As it is Easter this time of year I was reading about the crucifixion of Jesus in Mark. In Mark 11 it speaks about Jesus entering Jerusalem. As Jesus entered the city the crowds that had gathered cried out, saying “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” (Mark 11:9). When I read that it occurred to me that despite the fact that I have worshiped the Lord with songs containing the phrase “Hosanna” I didn’t really understand what it meant. The word Hosanna that we find in the new testament comes from the Hebrew phrase Hoshiya na. Hoshiya na is found only in Psalms 118:25 where it means Save now! (like a cry for help). In the new testament however it was used as joyful praise. In some translations of the bible, like NLT, Hosanna is even translated to Praise God.  When we sing Hosanna we are saying Praise God for our salvation! I think it’s often easy to forget the sacrifice and suffering that Jesus went through for us. This made me realise what a powerful statement Hosanna is when we worship.

I hope you enjoyed my post. Any comments are welcome and appreciated 🙂 Also below are the references I used because I’m not smart enough to figure all this out on my own.

and a video by Meredith Grace about bible journalling (

♥ Ash ♥


2 thoughts on “Hosanna”

  1. Such a beautiful post Ash 🙂 I just love your Devotion to the Lord. May we always remember to praise Him for His great mercy and sacrifice! xxx

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