Whoever the son sets freeJohn 8:36 says. “Therefore if the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed”. I really do believe that God has set me free and wants me to live a life of freedom. This got me thinking about what it means to be free. There are many ways to define freedom such as the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants or the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. While I don’t disagree with these definitions I think something might be missing.

Recently I have been going through a phase in my life where I have a lot of big decisions to make (although does that ever really end?). I find myself in multiple situations where I have so many good options to choose from. I get to choose on my own, I don’t really have anyone else to consider and the options are almost endless. It seems like a lot of freedom right? The problem is with no boundaries, with this much freedom I feel trapped. The reason I feel trapped, even in this position where I have all this good freedom, is because I’m scared. I think in many cases in the opposite of freedom might not be slavery but fear. When you’re scared rather than making choices with confidence and living with boldness its easy to end up avoiding decisions and hiding from life. I have personally let fear steal my freedom from me.

Some people seem to think being a christian is about religion and following a bunch of rules. This idea doesn’t really fit the description of the loving God I know. Galatians 5 talks about freedom and opens by saying, in verse one, that Jesus has set us free so that we don’t have to be slaves. It goes on to say that  we aren’t called to live by the law (or live to follow rules) but by faith in Gods grace. Being a Christian isn’t about ticking off points on a list so we can say we are righteous but its about having faith in God and displaying it with love. Love is the verb of faith.

By having faith in God and knowing that he has plan for me to give me hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11) and by living out that faith it gives me a lot more confidence. Faith replaces the fear and sets you free. I would love to know what being free means to you as I think there is so much more to it.


whats got you trapped


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