Waiting on the Promise

The God I know is good and makes promises to us. Whether it is one of the many promises that he has made to us that we learn about in the bible or if it’s a specific promise he has given to only you it’s important to remember that God is faithful and he will fulfill the promise.

Deuteronomy 7:9 say, “Understand, therefore, that the Lord your God is indeed God. He is the faithful God who keeps his covenant for a thousand generations and lavishes his unfailing love on those who love him and obey his commands”.

God is good and faithful but sometimes we have to wait for the promise to come. I used to think waiting was about being relaxed, doing nothing and simply being patient. This week however, I realised that there might be a bit more to it. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary to wait means to remain stationary in readiness (or expectation) or to look forward expectantly. To me this seems like there is more to it than just forgetting about it and chilling until God comes through. I think that sometimes the reason God makes us wait for the promise is so that we have time to prepare for the promise.

The story of Elisha the prophet digging ditches is found in 2 Kings 3:9-20.

Prepare for the promiseThe three kings (of Isreal, Judah and Edom) set out with their armies to attack Moab. After several days they end up in a valley and run out of water. The kings eventually called Elisha the prophet for help.

2 Kings 3:15-20

While the harpist was playing, the hand of the Lord came on Elisha and he said, “This is what the Lord says: Make this valley full of ditches. For this is what the Lord says: You will see neither wind nor rain, yet this valley will be filled with water, and you, your cattle and your other animals will drink. This is an easy thing in the eyes of the Lord; he will also deliver Moab into your hands. You will overthrow every fortified city and every major town. You will cut down every good tree, stop up all the springs, and ruin every good field with stones.”

The next morning, about the time for offering the sacrifice, there it was—water flowing from the direction of Edom! And the land was filled with water.

God tells Elisha to tell the Kings to dig ditches in the valley. If they hadn’t dug the ditches when the water (the promise) came, instead of pooling it would have just run away. They had to prepare to receive Gods promise. God also didn’t deliver immediately, He waited until they had prepared.

God has promises for all of us and I want to encourage you to use time while waiting to prepare for the promise. I hope you have enjoyed this post and I would love to know what you think:)


The promises of god


2 thoughts on “Waiting on the Promise”

  1. I’ve never noticed this scripture before. Great visual too, along with a practical application. I’m enjoying your Bible journaling posts.

    Thanks for introducing yourself in a comment on my blog. I’ve started following your blog using Feedly.


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