Live by Faith not Feelings

Today I was cleaning out some of my drawers and a journal from when I was about 14 fell open. I saw a heading I had written and as you can probably guess it said, “live by faith, not feelings”.

First of let me just say, how incredible is it how God speaks to us. When I saw that I was struck by how incredibly relevant that statement is to me today.

I often tend to find myself basing my life on a current emotion. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing certain things that God commands us to do. God didn’t say love your neighbour if you’re feeling happy, loveable and generous because you are having a good day. We are called to live and follow God irrelevant of our current emotions.

Today I realized that I’m basing big decisions on fear and comfort rather than faith in God and the promises He has given me.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it encouraging.



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